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NewNet with new pricing for their ADSL services

NewNet has revamped its product ranges and introduced the Home 2000 ADSL packages. Their cheapest product now is the Home 500 Lite service with 5GB of transfers for £15.49 a month, or no limits for £25.95. The 2Mbps service starts at £24.95 with a 15GB limit, £37.95 for a 60GB limit and no restrictions for £39.95. All prices include VAT.

All the products are now monthly contracts, though there is an option to pay annually and save some money. The Lite products are supplied with a single dynamic IP address, their S products with a single static IP, and the full fat products are supplied with up to 8 static IP addresses. On all products the standard activation fee of £58.75 applies. Full details on the NewNet website.


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