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AOL offers 2Mbps ADSL at £29.99 a month

AOL is the latest to fire off its salvo in the continuing price wars in the UK broadband market. The new pricing is:


Price per month (inc VAT)

AOL Broadband Silver (0.5Mbps) £17.99
AOL Broadband Gold (1Mbps) £24.99
AOL Broadband Platinum £29.99

The observant will note that the price points are actually still the same, the big difference is that the speeds of each service have now doubled on the downstream side. Existing users of the AOL broadband services will be regraded automatically, as soon as AOL can, though there will be some people whose ADSL lines will not support the higher speeds. People using AOL over the NTL cable broadband network, will see their speed increase to 1Mbps.

In another move that reflects the growing home networking market, AOL has teamed up with Netgear to launch a wireless home networking package, this should appear in February 2005. AOL will also have a dedicated Home Networking support function in place for the supplied hardware.


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