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ntl looks to cost savings in repairs division is reporting on a very odd series of moves by ntl. The move looks likely to affect customers whose service develops a fault outside of the normal Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm type window. These cutbacks which appear to be aimed at curbing back spending are:

  • Only Network Masters/Outages affecting more than 30 telco subs are to be attended out of hours.
  • Power Outages will be attended until 11pm, then cab will have to run on batteries until 8am.
  • No CATV/BB Outages to be attended out-of-hours.
  • No Service Refferals to be attended out-of-hours.
  • No Preventative Maintenance, only fire-fighting.
  • No “Network” Upgrades.
  • No Overtime.

ntl has in the last year or so reported good growth in the number of broadband customers, opting out of network upgrades may prove to be a recipe for disaster as the contention levels rise. One cannot really see how these cutbacks will help the customer experience, and are almost the act one would expect of a company that is running out of money very fast. One positive may be that ntl is envisaging carrying out massive upgrades to the network in the near future, only time will tell.


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