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Ofcom Publishes Communications Market Update

Ofcom has published its Communications Market update for January 2005, which can be read in full here. It should be noted that the original release on 1st February 2005, contained some incorrect information which has now been corrected.

In terms of the telecoms/broadband market, the key points are:

  • Indications are that the UK passed the 6 million connection mark for broadband connections in December 2004. Interestingly there are almost as many broadband connections as there are Sky subscriptions in the UK.
  • The number of broadband connections has now surpassed the number of un-metered dial-up connections.
  • Broadband accounts for 38% of all Internet connections in the UK.
  • Ofcom notes the general increase in speed of access on sale, with speeds of 8Mbps on offer to consumers.
  • Research shows broadband users are twice as likely to download music/video and play online games.


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