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UK Online launch 2Mbps service at £29.99

UK Online has increased its product range with todays launch of Broadband 2000, which is a 2Mbps downstream, 0.25Mbps upstream ADSL service for just £29.99 (inc VAT) a month. The service also includes a free USB ADSL modem, and free connection. The product is advertised as having no download limits.

The product is available on all the 4000+ exchanges that have so far been enabled for BT Wholesale ADSL services, those on an exchange unbundled via Easynet/UK Online will connect to the LLU kit.

Existing UK Online 1Mbps customers will receive a bonus with this new service, since they will be moved subject to availability onto Broadband 2000 without any regrade charges. These upgraded users will actually see their monthly fee reduced by £5 a month, saving £60 over the course of a year. It is not often that you see an ISP increasing the speed of a service, and reducing the price. For those 1Mbps users whose line will not support the 2Mbps service, they will still see a reduction in their monthly fee.


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