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BT Retail are they to sell 2Mbps for same price as 0.5Mbps?

In what would seem a logical move with the introduction of the capacity and usage based pricing by BT Wholesale in the last year, we have heard rumours that BT Retail is to revamp the pricing of its broadband product ranges.

Rather than have the traditional method of paying more for a faster line speed, you will simply pay according to the size of usage limit you want. The suggestion is that the BT Broadband 'no frills' products will retail at £24.99 per month with a 15GB monthly allowance, and BT Yahoo! (with bundled email etc) at £26.99 and the same allowance. The actual line speed supplied would be the best that is achievable on your telephone line, so a lot of people will get 2Mbps, others 1Mbps and those on the high attenuation lines will get a 0.5Mbps service. The BT Broadband Basic product with its 1GB monthly cap will remain as an entry-level product at 0.5Mbps we believe.


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