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Ofcom to look into Gio due to complaints

Gio Internet appears to have drawn the attention of Ofcom, who are launching an investigation in to Gio Internet. The main reason for the investigation is due to the lack of a satisfactory complaints procedure in Gio Internet. More details on The Register

Currently Gio are not a member of an ADR (alternate dispute resolution) scheme, and the Communications Act 2003, requires ISPs to have complaints procedures in place and to follow them.

At 10am Tuesday 25th January we attempted to call Gio Internet on the numbers listed on their website (a 75p per minute line, and a 10p per minute line). The expensive line remained unanswered, and the 10p per minute line was answered by an automated system, but was unable to connect to a human. Oddly the automated system was saying that the operators extension number was invalid.


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