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Telewest to launch PVR with 160GB hard drive

After the news of various VoD deals by NTL and Telewest, today sees Telewest announce some details on its PVR box which hopefully will be available later this year.

Currently Sky with its Sky+ service, has the UK PVR market almost to itself. The news that Telewest will be rolling out what sounds like a well specified device will be welcome news to users of the Telewest cable TV service. The box is the result of an agreement with Scientific-Atlanta, and will include three tuners, allowing two programmes to be recorded and a third channel watched. This is one more tuner than Sky, and it seems a much larger harddisk will be used, around 160GB which should give about 80 hours of video storage (about the equivalent of 25 VHS video tapes). This is a lot more than the standard Sky+ unit, though Sky do a larger unit called Sky+ 160. The Sky 160GB capacity unit this is exorbitantly priced at £399, Sky are charging £200 for what is effectively a £60 hard disk. Lets hope Telewest manage to keep to a more realistic price.

The full Telewest press release can be found here.


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