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Bulldog LLU wanders outside the M25

In a move that will please the majority of people in the UK as they do not live inside the M25, Bulldog has started to offer its LLU products outside of London. It is only 7 exchange areas, but it is a start, and if more exchanges can be added every month, it will increase the wholesale competition for ADSL in the UK.

The seven lucky areas are: Hemel Hempstead, Herts; Leagrave, Luton; Luton, Luton; Hoddesdon, Herts; Bedford, Bedfordshire; Basildon, Essex; Boreham, Chelmsford. Another eleven exchanges inside the M25 have also been upgraded for the Bulldog LLU service, the full list of 78 exchanges can be found on

The number of LLU exchanges is growing, Bulldog currently have 78, EasyNet 236, HomeChoice 81, Node4 3, and Trilogy Telecom have 21. Of course with LLU roll-outs we are going to see some exchanges having perhaps 2 or more LLU providers offering services. 2005 looks set to be interesting on the LLU front, with many plans underway, and it seems many more under discussion.


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