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BT Retail in broadband promotion

It is not an earth shattering amount of money, but BT Retail is offering the first three months of its 0.5Mbps services for £2 less than normal per month. The offer applies runs from 17th January to 16th February 2005, and the line must be activated by 28th February 2005. The products affected are: BT Broadband Basic which works out at £15.99 (inc VAT), returning to £17.99 after the three months. BT Broadband (0.5Mbps) at £22.99 returning to £24.99 once the offer expires, and finally BT Yahoo! Broadband at £24.99 rather than the standard £26.99 a month.

All three packages include free connection and a free ADSL modem for those signing up online (excludes people migrating to BT Retail). Though people should note the monthly usage restrictions, BT Broadband Basic has a 1GB allowance. Both BT Broadband and BT Yahoo! 0.5Mbps carry a 15GB allowance per month.

This New Year sales offer follows on the heels of offers from other providers. As always we recommend that people look around for the deal that suits them, for example there are providers still offering 0.5Mbps at under £20 a month with no monthly usage caps. In fact if one looks back all the way to 2002, you can see that Pipex was selling its 0.5Mbps service with no usage cap for just £23.44 which undercuts the standard price of all but the cheapest BT Retail products.


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