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BT Wholesale Home 2000 trial took 17,000 orders

BT Wholesale informed the various service providers on Wednesday that the BT IPStream Home 2000 trial was deemed a success. The product will receive its full launch on 10th February 2005. During the course of the trial which started on 29th November 2004, there has been 17,000 orders successfully completed.

The launch pricing of the product is not going to change, the standard based pricing remains at £38+VAT per month, and for UBC or CBC based BT Centrals the price of £8.40+VAT per month will apply. For those people on the old engineer installed USB 500 product, regrades to Home 2000 directly will be possible, in addition to regrades between all the other BT IPStream Home and Office products. The regrade fee of £11+VAT will apply, and a successful regrade is dependent on the line quality.

For people who have purchased a 2Mbps connection that was part of the trial, there is nothing for them to do, the connection will switch transparently from trial to the live product. What is likely to change is the number of service providers offering the product, i.e. we will see more 2Mbps products on the market.

Unfortunately there are no indications at this time whether BT Wholesale will be relaxing the line testing limits for the 2Mbps services. Additionally there is no news on other higher speed products. Fingers crossed more will be heard on this subject later in 2005.


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