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Nildram launches Broadband 2gO service

Nildram has launched its Broadband 2gO service, which is a 2Mbps service with up to 50:1 contention. The service is just £17.99 (inc VAT) a month, and includes 1GB (GigaByte) of data transfer. Additional data transfer costs £1.75 per GigaByte. The pricing makes it ideal for people who are occasional users, but want fast speeds when actually using the connection.

The set up fee is £58.75, and the service carries a 30 day minimum contract. Extras are available, for example £3.50 buys you a static IP address. Interestingly in line with a number of the other Nildram ADSL products, moving home only incurs a £14.99 fee, where as many other ISPs charge the full set up fee of £58.75 again. For people migrating onto the Nildram service, the migration is free also. Though we should point out that current Nildram users on a PAYG, Classic or Professional product will be expected to pay a £41.12 re-grade fee.


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