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UKIF appoints Dr Willie Black as Chairman

The United Kingdom Internet Forum (certainly a better name than UK Internet Federation) has announced that Dr. Willie Black who just stepped down as Executive Chairman of Nominet UK has become its first chairman. The unofficial group sprung up as smaller ISPs started to voice their concerns at BT's price increases on the IPstream Office range of products and it is now taking its position as a campaigning organisation. At the same time it has also announced Keith Mitchell (CTO, XchangePoint) and Stephen Dyer (Chairman, Mailbox Internet) are the first board members.

One of the first priorities for UKIF will be continuing pressure on BT to reduce its IPstream Office prices as well as Ofcom's Strategic Review of Telecommunications Phase Two which it says is "one of the most important aspects of UK telecoms legislation that will have far-reaching effects on the industry". UKIF will also be an information provider to their customers to help ease the burden of regulatory pressures on small businesses.


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