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WiMAX brings 10Mbps wireless broadband to Oxford

Community Internet plc yesterday announced the launch of RedKite with an initial roll-out of a 10Mbps broadband service aimed at businesses in the Oxford area. For £495 a month, you get a 10Mbps symmetric wireless broadband connection, with a 99.9% availability service level agreement. The service is run at a contention level of up to 10:1 and the installation fee is £1500.

The wireless service is built around WiMAX technology, and should allow businesses in that area to embrace technologies like VoIP and video conferencing. The full WiMAX standard has not been released as yet, but this network is built around compliant kit, that will be upgraded later in 2005 once the full standard is released. Oxford is just the first of a number of areas to get this service, more locations should be rolled out soon.


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