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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for December 2004

Following Virgin's rise to the top position last month, a 0.5 Kbps decrease combined with increases by other providers have pushed them into third place. Nildram attained the top spot again at a downstream speed of 452.9 Kbps. Interestingly Wanadoo has made it to second position from fifth last month. The top ten average increased by 1.1 Kbps downstream and 1.9 Kbps upstream. The spread of results within the top ten decreased from 10.0 to 8.4 Kbps downstream.






1 452.9 Kbps 235.0 Kbps 1021
2 Wanadoo UK 452.2 Kbps 235.8 Kbps 2261
3 451.6 Kbps 236.6 Kbps 1303
4 Zen Internet 451.0 Kbps 231.9 Kbps 814
5 PIPEX Internet Limited 448.9 Kbps 233.9 Kbps 2945
6 BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! 446.7 Kbps 234.0 Kbps 4917
7 PlusNet plc 446.6 Kbps 235.3 Kbps 1093
8 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 446.4 Kbps 232.6 Kbps 824
9 Eclipse Internet 446.3 Kbps 232.4 Kbps 828
10 Demon 444.5 Kbps 231.4 Kbps 862

Supanet which was closer to getting to the top ten last month fell to 430.9 Kbps whilst AOL just misses the number ten spot at 440.3 Kbps. We would as usual remind users not to rely on speed test results alone in choosing their ISP as they do not tell the whole story. Previous months' results can be found here.

We have re-evaluated the 1Mbps results to see if they would provide a useful comparison. We still don't have sufficient results for this which may be due to increasing popularity of services above 1Mbps including the effects of the 1.5Mbps, 2Mbps and 3Mbps cable services, and soon the 4Mbps services. The relative difference between the 1Mbps services that we have sufficient results for would indicate that the the raw speed differences are becoming marginal, although it is worth noting that Telewest Blueyonder seems slightly faster than its DSL counterparts. [seb]


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