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Tiscali shifts up a gear for 2005

The Register has spotted details of the next round of promotions at Tiscali. Tiscali has had a chequered history for the last year or so, while it has a large broadband user base of around 350,000 users, it has not always had a smooth ride. Some of the issues raised by people in 2004 have been problems with leaving the service, migrating to other providers, speed of service and mixed messages over the nature of the unlimited products. Hopefully all this remain part of 2004, and not carry on in 2005.

The new promotions revolve around four products:


Price (inc VAT)


Broadbandx5 (0.25Mbps) £15.99 Unlimited
Broadbandx20 (1Mbps) £15.99 2GB usage limit
Broadbandx10 (0.5Mbps) £19.99 Unlimited
Broadbandx20 (1Mbps) £24.99 Unlimited

Apparently existing users will be offered the chance to upgrade for free to the next speed in the product range. As with any offer by an ISP, be sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure that you are happy with a product before signing up. One interesting thing is the talk of a 'Tiscali Accelerator' which is software that boosts the speed of the connection around three times by compressing web pages. OnSpeed is the best known product in that area, and can result in faster web browsing, though often at the expense of things like image quality. The true broadband activities like music and video generally see no benefit from such software.

The Tiscali PR machine is likely to be very pleased with the new packages, but if you look at the UK market now, there are a myriad of services starting as low as £10 a month. Other providers are also offering 0.5Mbps and faster for the same money now. Tiscali needs to get a 2Mbps product onto the market or it will soon appear to be very behind the times.


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