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Bulldog in New Year Sales frenzy

The January sales are upon us, and Bulldog is offering a 25% discount on its 4Mbps @ctive services. This applies to all those consumers and businesses who sign up to the Bulldog LLU services between 4th January 2005 and 31st January 2005, and gives a 25% reduction in the monthly fee for the first 12 months of service.

This means that the Bulldog [email protected] service is reduced from £40 to £30 per month, and the [email protected] service from £52 to £39 per month (including VAT). Both services are bundled with the cost of the telephone line and calls package, and of course the 4Mbps ADSL service. Reductions in the cost of setting up the service have also been made, an existing BT line will be converted for £45 rather than £60, and a new line will be installed for £90 now, rather than the previous £120.


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