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ISPA announces nominations for Special Awards

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) has announced the nominees in the Special Awards division of the 2005 ISPA Awards. This is the seventh year that the awards are being held with the extra categories above being added in 2001.

Online Safety Award - Nominations
Decided by the Internet Watch Foundation

For the Just One Click campaign which was the first UK wide conference and report dedicated to the needs of children who are victims of abuse via new technology. The campaign focused on raising awareness of the sexual abuse of children and young people via the Internet and mobile phone technology.
British Telecom
For launching their URL blocking initiative Cleanfeed, which was designed and implemented to block access to websites confirmed to contain illegal child abuse images.
Children’s Charities Coalition for Internet Safety (CHIS)
For the Child Safety Digital Manifesto that called on the UK to strengthen its contribution to the different international bodies working on child protection online and for a crack down on overseas cyber crime havens.
Mobile Operators – specifically Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and 3
For developing a code of practice and creating a framework that classifies certain commercial content - including visual content and online gambling services - as unsuitable for customers under the age of 18 and deploying age verification techniques.
For its content control system, the world’s first mobile application of a barring and filtering mechanism to prevent access to age restricted content including gambling, erotica, violent games and unmoderated chat over the Internet.

Internet Villain Award
Decided by the ISPA Council

For greatly exaggerating the number of people attempting to access websites hosting child pornography at the PR launch of Cleanfeed and for implementing significant price hikes on its small and medium sized ISP wholesale customers with little notice.
The European Union
For threatening the “Country of Origin” principle which has encouraged e-commerce across the EU and for the Draft Framework Decision on Data Retention.
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
For their insufficient support for music download services and their lack of understanding of the online community
For encouraging Internet users to participate in denial of service attacks
Carol Vorderman
For her uninformed comments on the Internet industry.

Internet Hero Award
Decided by the ISPA Council

The Officers of the All Party Internet Group
For their review of the Computer Misuse Act which called for a specific offence to be created and greater penalties for perpetrators of denial of service attacks
David Blunkett
For his self-imposed lesson on the value of privacy
Stephen Timms
For his effective work as E-commerce Minister which will be missed by the Internet industry
The Office of Communications (Ofcom)
For reacting in an unexpectedly positive manner to the regulatory needs of the Internet telephony industry
Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE)
For their efforts to stop the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) from undermining the tried and trusted systems of Internet governance, with the threat of bureaucracy, government interference and disruption to the very essence of why the Internet is a success.

Some will notice a semblance between two of the groups with British Telecom (BT) being named both as a nominee for the Online Safety and Internet Villain awards posing some questions as to success of an initiative which is praised by one group and criticised by another. Another strange name to find on the "Internet Hero" award is David Blunkett which at first lead us to question whether it was an error but it was confirmed to us that he has indeed been nominated. We'll let readers try and work out what on earth the ISPA council are thinking...


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