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Telewest completes broadband bandwidth upgrade early

Telewest has now completed the bandwidth upgrade programme it announced in mid-November, in around half the expected time. This now means that users of its fastest blueyonder service will be able to download at up to 4 Mbps with lower services available at 2Mbps, 1Mbps and the low bandwidth entry-level 256 Kbps service remaining at its previous speed.

"We wanted to get the upgrades delivered in readiness for the holiday break and our blueyonder team has really pulled out the stops to get this present delivered ahead of time.

Our broadband internet customers can now sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that they can surf into the New Year with faster speeds at no extra cost."

Eric Tveter (President and Chief Operating Officer), Telewest Broadband

The speeds being offered by cable companies give them a competitive advantage over the services offered by BT Wholesale through its resellers/ISPs which puts NTL & Telewest into a very advantageous position both over BT, and to a lesser extent LLU operators whose networks and exchanges don't quite match the scale of the cable companies. This goes some way to catch up on the missed opportunity these companies had to dominate the market before ADSL rollout started. [seb]


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