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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for November 2004

With a downstream speed of 452.1 Kbps, Virgin has climbed last month to take the top position from Nildram which held it just for a month. Virgin also had the highest score in upstream speeds within the top ten, although Supanet (which did not quite make it to the top ten) managed to beat it with an upstream speed of 236.7 Kbps, but due to a lower downstream score it isn't featuring in the top ten. Zen Internet also climbed back from fifth position to second pushing Nildram into third place by 0.7 Kbps.






1 452.1 Kbps 235.9 Kbps 1035
2 Zen Internet 449.8 Kbps 231.0 Kbps 760
3 449.1 Kbps 230.6 Kbps 1127
4 PIPEX Internet Limited 448.6 Kbps 233.7 Kbps 3143
5 Wanadoo UK 447.7 Kbps 231.8 Kbps 2054
6 PlusNet plc 447.5 Kbps 234.1 Kbps 1144
7 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 447.1 Kbps 233.1 Kbps 842
8 BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! 446.6 Kbps 233.4 Kbps 4669
9 Eclipse Internet 445.6 Kbps 228.7 Kbps 852
10 Demon 442.1 Kbps 228.0 Kbps 716

The top ten average for downstream speeds increased marginally by 1 Kbps but the difference between the top and bottom of the top ten also increased to 10 Kbps with a slight drop at the bottom in addition to Virgin's rise. The average top ten ISP had approx 1634 results. With Supanet's fall out of the top ten, Demon moved into tenth position.

Important Note: We would encourage users to use a variety of information sources in making their decision on which ISP is suitable for them and not to rely solely, or mainly, with speed test results. Previous months' results can be found here. [seb].


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