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PlusNet announces strategic relationship with BT Retail

Earlier this week PlusNet entered into a memorandum of understanding with BT Retail which sets out their common goal of developing broadband solutions together. The relationship is expected to take advantage of each other's technical knowledge and a range of technologies including access services and VoIP to produce services such as the Teleworker product. This sets the way for PlusNet to become a preferred partner for test marketing and a preferred reseller at launch of new products and service.

"Closely aligning PlusNet with BT Retail will help PlusNet to remain at the forefront of developments in the Broadband market in the UK. This is a strong endorsement of PlusNet's technical expertise and evidence that PlusNet is an integral part of BT Retail's strategy going forward. I expect the strategic relationship with BT Retail to bring new future product and service opportunities to PlusNet as well as valuable insight into infrastructure developments."

Lee Strafford (Chief Executive), PlusNet

The memorandum also sets out that PlusNet is BT Retail's preferred outsource partner for projects of automated customer relationship management such as the Teleworker product demand for which is expected to grow significantly next year.


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