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Easynet launches LLUStream unbundled wholesale service

This morning Easynet has announced that it will be offering wholesale access to its extensive local loop unbundled network. Until now, it has focused on providing services exclusively directly through its own group but this announcement will introduce more competition bypassing yet another part of the BT network. The service is available to carriers and ISPs and makes use of Easynet's national backbone connecting the LLU sites.

"The market is at an inflexion point with the imminent launch of new services across the copper network. This makes it the right time to open our network to other providers in competition with BT’s IPStream and DataStream products.

We are able to offer differentiated services, significant cost reductions and speeds of up to 8Mbps, rising to 18Mpbs when ADSL2+ becomes available following regulatory action. This is a great example of recent regulatory changes enabling genuine competition at the infrastructure level. The ultimate winners are consumers and businesses. They will get lower prices, faster speeds, better quality and access to the next generation of broadband services.”

David Rowe (CEO), Easynet Group

Easynet's LLU network covers 240 exchanges which offer access to 4.4m homes and 700,000 business premises. LLU services are likely to be a growth area as more companies join Easynet and others such as Bulldog in bypassing the BT network infrastructure which allows them to offer a wider range of services. [seb]


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