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BT Wholesale publish final usage based charging prices

Following on from the indicative pricing announced a few months ago (see our News Archive here), BT Wholesale has published its official notification to Ofcom for the new UBC tariff. The notification documents are on the BT Serviceview website.

The headline figure from the batch of documents is that the 'price per kbps per month' will be 41p (or 49p including VAT). This applies to the BT Centrals an ISP has that are using the Usage Based Charging system. The other charging options are Standard charging, and Capacity based charging, a summary of these can be read here.

A key component to the new charging systems is that providers are not able to mix charging models, i.e. "If a Customer has opted for Usage Based Charging, then Usage Based Charging prices will apply to all of the components of their BT IPstream Service. It is not permissible for a Customer to mix Usage Based Charging, Capacity Charging or Standard Charging.". Interestingly though, the BT Central Plus product as used by BT Retail, does not have a Usage Based Charging option. In the original announcements about UBC and CBC charging, it was mentioned that the Standard model would be removed, but we have not seen any mention of this in the current notifications.


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