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Half of UK Internet population have broadband

The Guardian has details of figures from ACNielsen NetRatings that should that of the 22.8 million UK online population, over half are now accessing the Internet via broadband connections. Twelve months ago, only a quarter of the online population used broadband connections. Use of broadband in larger households is even more common with six out of ten households using it.

This news is great, but does hide what is likely to be the next great challenge, which is marketing Internet access in any form to the remainder of the UK population at large. If the current rise of broadband is sustained, connection methods like dial-up and HomeHighway look set to almost vanish in a couple of years. Interestingly it seems that the marketing is working, since twelve months ago the online population has risen 15% to around the 23 million mark.

These figures show the challenge ahead for the LLU operators, who now have to offer services that are more attractive either price or performance wise to attract people away from an existing service provider.


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