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Central Point launch 150kbps ADSL service

The downward pressure on ADSL and broadband pricing increases again, with Central Points latest product launch. A 150kbps service for just £12.99 a month. An interesting fact is that the 150kbps service, actually has a 256kbps upstream speed, it is only the downstream from the standard 0.5Mbps that is throttled to produce the 150kbps. The throttling used should also make it easier if people decide they want to upgrade in the future to support things like streaming broadband video.


Monthly fee

Unlimited 150kbps £12.99
Unlimited 256kbps £17.75
Unlimited 512kbps £18.99
Unlimited 1Mbps £25.99
Unlimited 2Mbps £35.49

All the products carry the standard £58.75, and a minimum contract period of three months. Pricing includes VAT.


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