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BT Wholesales Home 2000 trial has started

The BT Wholesale IPStream Home 2000 service trial has started today, with providers able to submit orders for inclusion on the trial. We expect providers to release their pricing through out this week, and we will attempt to keep track of the pricing for people. The full commercial launch of a Home 2000 service is not expected now until early 2005.

Service Provider

Monthly fee

Andrews and Arnold Home-Fast (II) £27.02
BT Retail N/A
Eclipse (III) £14.99
Freedom2Surf (1GB allowance) £14.99
Griffin £46.98
Metronet (I) £36.75
Pipex £39.99
Plusnet (IV) £19.99
Vispa Internet £39.99
Zen Internet £44.99
All prices include VAT, unless otherwise stated.

(I) The Metronet service price listed is the maximum price which is unmetered, the service starts at £18.75 which includes a 200MB allowance.

(II) The A&A Home-Fast service carries a 3GB allowance, this only applies to downloaded data. Upstream data is not metered at all, additionally during the night and weekends, the download metering is switched off.

(III) The Eclipse High Speed 2Mbps service has a 1GB as the basic monthly usage, with each extra GigaByte costing £1.75.

(IV) Includes a 2GB allowance, with each extra GB costing £2. Premier version is £39.99 per month.


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