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Another provider breaks the £20 barrier for 1Mbps ADSL

Lixxus is one of the latest ISPs to revamp its pricing, though as is fairly common with the ADSL products under £20 per month, there is a bandwidth allowance involved. The two products come with a 1GB (GigaByte) allowance, with extra bandwidth costing 0.225pence per MB above that level.


Old Install Fee

New Install Fee

Old monthly fee

New monthly fee

Maximum fee

ADSL Start500 £58.75 £11.75 £25 £16.99 £25
ADSL Start1000 £58.75 £11.75 £35.00 £18.99 £35

The maximum fee represents the price cap, at which the metering is turned off, and you become a standard unmetered connection. The price cuts represent a chance for lite users to save a couple of pounds a month, but with sensible price caps in place, people are not going to be stung with massive bills.

The UK market is seeing a wave of low priced metered services at present, but we are fortunate that many providers are continuing the unmetered products, albeit at a higher monthly fee, or price capping the product. Consumers in Argentina, look set to have traffic limits imposed by the wholesale operator in the country. See The Inquirer website for more details.


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