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Eclipse ROAM service free until end of the year

In a move that will help to pass the time while bored and doing your Christmas shopping, Eclipse are offering free access to its ROAM Wi-Fi product until the end of 2004. This offer applies to Eclipse customers who have a valid dial-up or broadband account. Full details on the offer here.

The ROAM Wi-Fi service, is a roaming wireless service that makes use of various hot-spots in the UK, for example you can access the service using BT OpenZone areas. The normal charge for use of the service is 10p per minute (plus VAT), which is fairly expensive, but for occasional use this is not too bad. With the rise in VoIP wireless handsets, and for example Skype on a Pocket PC, it is possible that some calls may be cheaper using a Wi-Fi hotspot, than a traditional mobile call.


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