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Suppliers taking on the lost Gio customers

For those Gio Internet customers caught up in the current farce, there are a number of providers that you can move to. More suppliers may appear in the near future, but with a deadline for lines being cut off of 1st December 2004, waiting may not be an option for many.

  • Hi-Velocity (
    Telephone: 0870 770 6919
    Email: [email protected]
  • Namesco (
    Telephone: 0870 120 8888
  • (
    Telephone: 0870 881 3278
  • Broadband Bob (
    Telephone: 0870 774 1262
  • Yorkshire Computer Solutions (
    Telephone: 01423 525541
  • F1 Internet (

We advise people to spend a little time researching the ISPs and the package that they will migrate you to, for example the costs of calling support. The listing of an ISP in this news item, does not represent an endorsement by ADSLGuide, we are simply publishing the list so people can have as many options as possible.


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