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Information from "Powering up with Broadband" Conference

UK broadband coverage is improving every week, with BT enabling fifty to sixty exchanges each week, LLU operators starting to duplicate this roll-out with higher speeds, and other forms of broadband appearing in patches across the UK. Unfortunately the BT campaign currently leaves around 550 exchanges without the standard ADSL services, and there is no immediate prospect of a commercial roll-out to these areas.

One ray of hope that really started in 2003, is the Access to Broadband Campaign who recently had a conference in Aviemore at the start of November. With Scotland holding many of the exchanges that will not get ADSL, plus what is likely to be a higher proportion of long lines that will not support ADSL, the choice of Aviemore as a location was logical. Of course not everyone was able to make it, and to help in that respect, ABC have published the presentation material from the conference on their website here.

The material is likely to be of interest for those, who are growing tired of the standard BT ADSL offering also, and are looking to see what can be done to advance broadband in their area. LLU offers some hope for the future, but it is likely to be some years before we see services like 8Mbps in the smaller towns.


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