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iomart launches NetIntelligence Parental Control Software

Broadband brings a new threat into each home as an always-on Internet connection is opening the way for children to browse the net perhaps without the same supervision as before. With the ever increasing amount of work children use computers for, it's not surprising many have one in their bedroom, away from their parents line of sight.

iomart has launched NetIntelligence Home Edition, a new packaged designed to help parents in this difficult task which combines protection against undesirable content not suitable for children as well as including Kapersky's Anti-Virus software.

The package which can be installed on up to three home computers updates its own database of sites in the background over a broadband connection to keep it up to date. It allows parents to record instant messenger conversations as well as view reports on which web sites their children have visited including those which were blocked. It also logs application usage. Prices start from £2.99 per month as an introductory offer (or £29.99 per year) with standard pricing at £4.99/month and £49.99 per year. A 14 day free trial is available here.

“Most parents are aware that the Internet can be unsafe and are genuinely concerned for their children's welfare, they just do not know how to address the issues or where to turn to for help. By combining Anti Virus, Web Blocking & Filtering, Email protection, Application usage, and Instant Messenger monitoring into one easy to use software solution, we have taken a huge step, with NetIntelligence Home Edition, in providing parents with the complete solution.”

Angus MacSween (CEO), iomart

It is equally up to parents to use software of this kind responsibly bearing in mind their children's rights to private conversations. Ultimately no software is going to replace parental supervision and education about use of the Internet as children are often far more computer literate than their parents, but it is another tool available to help avoid unnecessary exposure to explicit content. [seb]


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