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ADSLNation release more filtered phone sockets

ADSLNation has just launched two new telephone sockets that provide a filtered phone connection and an RJ11 ADSL socket. The sockets incorporate the circuit design of the XF-1e micro-filter, which many have found to work better than the pile'em high, sell them cheap type can be found in many stores. ADSLNation is confident enough about the quality of the filters that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the products.

There are two styles of socket, the usual face plate size, for replacing an existing socket, which will fit onto the standard wall mount boxes or a smaller unit, the XTF-68 which is the size of most sockets supplied in telephone extension kits. Both are priced at £8.99 (inc VAT) and feature screw terminals for the incoming wire, and IDC terminals for adding extra pre-filtered extension wiring.

The filters exceed the BT SIN 346 v2.2 guidelines for micro-filters, and as such are compatible with Caller ID, DECT phones and PABX systems.


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