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Telewest raises broadband stakes..

Telewest is upgrading its broadband speeds yet again with a top rate of 4 Mbps downstream speeds with "unlimited usage". The service is going to be rolled in December and January region by region. Customers presently on 3Mbps connections at £50/month will be upgraded to 4Mbps while 1.5Mbps users will now receive 2MBps at £35 per month. The 750kbps service is also increasing to 1Mbps at £25/month. There is no change in the entry-level low cost 256 Kbps service costing £14.99 for the first year.

Importantly Telewest will be running the upstream of the 4Mbps service at 384kbps. This extra headroom for the upstream speeds, will make life easier for people hosting online games at home for their friends, and the growing VoIP market.

More details here. [seb]


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