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BT offering free Broadband Voice calls for a year

BT Retail is offering free telephone calls for new subscribers to its ADSL services who make use of the BT Communicator VoIP software. The offer gives you free calls for 12 months, and only applies to people who join the ADSL service before 31st December 2004. In case there is a massive rush, it should be noted that the offer only applies to the first 50,000 subscribers. As always do check the terms and conditions of any offer, full details are here.

BT Communicator is a software based VoIP package that allows you to use a PC to make telephone calls, either PC to PC, or PC to traditional phone. Software based VoIP systems are starting to face more competition from hardware based systems like the Zoom X5V, which has VoIP capability integrated into the ADSL modem/router.


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