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600,000 new ADSL connections in the last quarter

BT Wholesale has revealed details of the growth in ADSL connections in the UK for the last quarter. More than 600,000 new connections were made in the quarter. This has been spurred on by a combination of the removal of the test limits on the 0.5Mbps service, and the continued roll-out to around 50 or so exchanges every week. The grand total of ADSL connections in the UK, is 3,294,000 spread over around 3,663 exchanges. The BT press release is available here.

Interestingly BT Retail has also seen a slight resurgence in popularity, with a 30% share of the new connections, compared to 29% previously. BT Retail has a total of 1,283,000 ADSL customers.

Hopefully if demand can continue at this level, BT Wholesale will feel more pressure to roll-out both higher speed upstream and downstream services. In theory with levels of high demand, it should be easier to make the business case for expanding the product portfolio.


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