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ntl confirms speed regrades

ntl has uncorked the genie on its network by changing the speeds of its broadband cable modem services quite dramatically. Their tiers of service will now exist for new customers: 1Mbps @ £17.99 per month, 2Mbps @ £24.99 and 3Mbps @ £37.99. Existing ntl broadband customers can regrade to the new packages, but a £25 admin fee will be charged. A dedicated online registration system for regrades will be launched in the New Year.

ntl currently has around 1.1 million customers on its broadband platform, out of a total of 3.1 million homes taking a service. This is a very high take-up of its cable modem service, and with the new tariffs looks set to rise. The one fly in the ointment is that ntl is only marketable to around 7.9 million homes.

ntl claims "our product will be the best in the UK by some distance", though like most marketing material never tells you how that is defined. Telewest also offer a 3Mbps service in their franchise areas, Bulldog offer 4Mbps ADSL/Telephony package, but only in Central London at present. The fact is that at last the moves by ntl and Telewest are making the UK look better overall in the broadband stakes, if they can achieve significant amounts of new customers we can march up the league tables rapidly.

The announcements of BT Wholesales Home 2000 trial, can look a little drab, but for those people living outside of the cable areas, which is many millions, BT Wholesale is the only show in town generally.


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