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Tiscali moves into business broadband sector

Tiscali has now expanded its product range to offer business broadband services. The pricing is very low for a business service, in fact their 1Mbps service is cheaper than some residential services.



Set-up fee

Monthly fee

Business 250 up to 50:1 £50 £15.99
Business 500 up to 50:1 £50 £19.99
Business 1000 up to 20:1 £50 £29.99
All pricing excludes VAT

A Sagem USB ADSL modem is available for £20, or a Thomson Speed Touch 510v4 four port ADSL modem/router can be purchased for £60 with the connection. If users wish to supply their own hardware, that is a free option obviously. A static IP address can also be supplied as an option, this is currently free as an introductory offer.

The Tiscali residential services have not always had a smooth ride, with various problems during their existence. Lets hope that the launch of the business services marks a new beginning for Tiscali.


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