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Fusion increases SDSL competition further

Fusion Media Networks Ltd look set to raise the level of competition in the SDSL/leased line market another notch or two. There are able to offer 1:1 contended services on all the SDSL enabled exchanges in the UK. The BT Wholesale half price activation offer is passed on, so activation is just £225, and the products are priced as below:


Price per month

Fusion 500 1:1 SDSL £269.99
Fusion 1000 1:1 SDSL £279.99
Fusion 2000 1:1 SDSL £374.99

Even more interesting is that inside the M25 area, generally Fusion are able to offer their Metro SDSL products which are priced more attractively as follows:


Price per month

Fusion Metro5 250 £62.50
Fusion Metro5 500 £112.50
Fusion Metro5 1000 £150
Fusion Metro5 1500 £162.50
Fusion Metro5 2000 £175
Fusion Metro1 250 £75
Fusion Metro1 500 £137.50
Fusion Metro1 1000 £175
Fusion Metro1 1500 £193.75
Fusion Metro1 2000 £212.50

The Metro5 service is a 5:1 contended service, and Metro1 is a 1:1 contention service. The connection charge is £499 on the Metro services, and is a 12 month contract.

For small businesses in the London area, access to an uncontended symmetric 2Mbps link for £200 per month is pretty attractive. With pricing like this, the leased line market will be shrinking very rapidly, and with luck it will boost the demand for SDSL. Hopefully this will result in more exchanges getting the SDSL treatment in the the next 12 months.


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