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BT Wholesale IPStream Home 2000 trial

The BT Wholesale Home 2000 trial is set to start on 29th November 2004. BT Wholesale is currently taking applications from service providers to take part in the trial, but as yet the providers are not publicly chasing for people to join the trials. Until the trial actually starts it appears providers are limited to placing just 50 orders using the manual systems. After the 29th there is to be no limit on the numbers of orders placed via the electronic ordering systems.

For now it is a case of waiting for the service providers to decide whether to take part in the trials, and then publish details of how you can join the trials. Do remember that the limits for a 2Mbps are much stricter than the current 1Mbps limits, with a BT tested line loss of less than 43dB needed. Generally it is expected that around 60% of lines will support a 2Mbps service.

Of course Datastream providers have been providing 2Mbps connections to consumers for some time, and in many cases they will be priced lower than the Home 2000 product. The difference is that Home 2000 should be available from a much wider selection of service providers, and be available on all the BT ADSL enabled exchanges (excluding those using the Exchange Activate scheme).

The wholesale price is £38+VAT per month under standard pricing, which is £15 a month more than the Home 1000 wholesale price. With the newer capacity and usage based pricing that is available, then service providers do have flexibility price wise. For example we may see providers, offering 2Mbps services with a bandwidth cap at under £20/month, we expect the uncapped services to retail at around £45 to £55/month.


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