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Competition in the SDSL arena

Nildram in the last week have implemented some reductions on the prices of its SDSL services, with monthly fees cut by up to 29%, and free activation on some services. Nildram provide SDSL services at 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps and a maximum contention ratio of 10:1, options exist for a managed service with all hardware supplied, or wires-only with you supplying the SDSL modem. The free set-ups are for a limited time, and expand on the current wholesale half-price offer.


Set up fee

Monthly fee

SDSL 500 wires only £249 £170
SDSL 1000 wires only £0 £225
SDSL 2000 wires only £0 £260
SDSL 500 Managed £0 £375
SDSL 1000 Managed £0 £480
SDSL 2000 Managed £0 £540

The managed option is a lot more expensive, but does include the Cisco 1721 hardware and a degree of resilience from an independent ISDN backup line.


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