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Zen with half price SDSL activation offer

We featured some time ago that BT Wholesale was to offer service providers half price activation on its SDSL services. Well Zen has confirmed it is passing this saving onto customers who connect to its SDSL services between 1st November 2004 and 24th February 2005.

Zen offer the full range of SDSL services, 0.25, 0.5, 1 and 2Mbps speed options. The pricing ranging from £150 a month to £350 for the 2Mbps service. Activation is normally £450, so with the special offer it should be £225.

The standard SDSL services are significantly cheaper than a leased line, e.g. a 2Mbps leased line can cost £15,000 a year, whereas with SDSL it is around £4,000. Much of this saving is due to the fact that the services are contended, but the contention levels are much less than the standard ADSL Office products. Coverage of SDSL around the UK is a little hit and miss at present, but if this promotion goes well, we may see BT Wholesale rolling SDSL options into more exchanges.


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