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3Mbps broadband soon to appear from NTL

It looks like NTL are set to match the speeds of service that Telewest offer, by launching a 3Mbps and 2Mbps cable modem service. Unlike previous cable service upgrades this one will be optional and is not free.

We have heard that work to accommodate these speeds and higher has been underway over the summer, so its no great shock to see the news on There is some rumour that by matching the Telewest speeds, it may smooth a merger between the two cable giants, though it just seems more likely to be a way to say 'hey ADSL users if you want a really fast connection, use us'. The coverage of cable modems around the UK is far from universal, but compared to LLU it is very good, so does represent the fastest connection for many people.

It will be interesting to see how BT Wholesale responds, it may come under renewed pressure from ISPs for more product options if ISPs see customers starting to leave in droves.


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