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Tariam moves to an unlimited data model

Tariam had made a significant change to its satellite based broadband services, by removing the restrictions on the amount of upstream and downstream traffic. Generally satellite based services have had more limited resources, and thus previously needed to use caps to ensure a reasonable QoS for all. The competition from other forms of broadband for businesses is pretty fierce, and the vast majority still offer unmetered packages for business use.

"All companies would say that they are looking to give customers the best possible deal but we know that this is a really significant step in closing the perceived gap that exists in some peoples minds between the value you get from a satellite based system, and business ADSL.

Our research shows that as well as having reliable, fast connections, customers also expect to feel comfortable working their broadband connection hard. We sell broadband to facilitate customers taking advantage of a wide range of business tools, as well as just browsing and email. If they can only do this for half the month, it defeats the object".

Ben Cannon, Communications Director


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