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New Poll - What changes would you like BT Wholesale to make?

We have started a new poll, that is available here. This week we are looking at what sort of options people would like BT Wholesale to roll-out in 2005. So this is a chance to let the service providers and wholesalers know what you are looking for, be it, faster upstream speeds, or higher speed downloads.

Obviously there are going to be price implications for any of the increased speed options, but we will follow up this polls results with another poll looking at pricing. Our forums have started to show more and more requests from people looking for higher upstream speed products, and while SDSL can provide this, its price is well beyond home users. Local Loop Unbundling offers a chance that during 2005, it will be more available across the UK, but still great swathes of the UK will have the single option of BT Wholesale based ADSL services.

The results from all our previous polls can be found here.


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