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Move aside BBC, new public service provider on its way, maybe!

One of the roles of Ofcom is ensuring that the public service provisions for broadcasting are met in the UK, and one of the latest ideas in this area appears to be the forming of a new public service provider (PSP). The PSP would be charged with commissioning around 3 hours of TV per day, out of a proposed £300m of funding. The content would be delivered over Internet connections, mobile networks, digital TV and any other means that TV can be delivered. The Register has some more details.

The slight kick in the teeth, for what many consider the prime public service broadcaster is that the BBC is apparently to be excluded from the bidding process. Though with much of the material shown on BBC resulting from independent production companies it is hard to tell where one TV company ends and another begins these days.

Many will question the need for public funds to support another 'TV station', particularly as it would appear that generating funds from books and magazines is to be excluded. It is a case of waiting to see what the proposals amount to, and whether the programming will be unique and worthwhile, or just another channel to add the hundreds already available to millions in the UK.


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