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Karoo upgrades users speeds for free

Karoo appears to have revamped its ADSL product range, and given users an extra 50% of bandwidth, while at the same time removing the download limits. The 256kbps package now has no download limits. The 0.5Mbps increases to 0.75Mbps, and 1Mbps to 1.5Mbps, with no price changes. Additionally it would appear from reports by users in our forums, that Karoo are also dropping their download limits.

The Karoo website, has more details now.

Unfortunately we would doubt BT Wholesale would ever do something like this, though with the emergence of speed on demand services, like the Eclipse Flex product there is scope for service providers to offer higher speeds for periods of time.

Updated 18/10/04 11am: Link to the Karoo website added, and correction on speed boost for 256kbps package, which actually remains the same speed but has the caps removed.


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