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Poll: Is broadband just always-on?

Whilst the benefits of broadband are often described in terms of speed, its uses are far wider with an always-on connection and a change in lifestyle bringing the Internet closer to your everyday life, rather than something you spend an hour each night browsing.

We recently ran a poll to ask users how much data they transferred each month on their broadband connection, with interesting results indicating that there was a great deal of spread within the categories we provided:

How much data do you download and upload each month on your broadband line in total?

50GB or more

2,524 (16.8%)

20 to 50GB

2,621 (17.5%)

5 to 20GB

2,794 (18.6%)

2 to 5 GB

1,648 (11.0%)

1 to 2 GB

1,482 (9.9%)

Less than 1GB

1,252 (8.3%)

Don't know

2,686 (17.9%)
A total of 15,007 votes have been recorded.

Out of the 15,007 respondents, there was no clear leader between the groups using above 2 GB although what is quite surprising and positive, is that over half of respondents indicated they use more than 5 GB per month indicating that broadband is starting to become an increasing part of our lives.

What was perhaps more surprising (and possibly due to a self-selecting respondent base) was that only 17.9% of respondents did not know how much bandwidth they used, something that wouldn't necessarily be tracked in most cases unless the user was on a restricted plan. This may also explain some of the results indicating high usage is common.


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