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Special offers from HomeChoice

HomeChoice are running a promotion on their products for new sign-ups. The entry level 0.5Mbps service is £13.75 for the first three months, reverting to £27.50 after that. The 1Mbps package is £27.50 for the first 12 months (£35 after the initial period). Finally the 2Mbps service is just £35/month for 12 months, rather than the usual £50. Installation is a token £1.

HomeChoice is a LLU based ADSL service, and comes bundled with 40 TV channels, and access to 1000 Video on Demand movies. Earlier incarnations of the HomeChoice packages were not simple to share, but the latest ones offer Ethernet connecting, making connection sharing simpler. HomeChoice are expanding their network, though it currently is still centered on North West London.


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