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Demon launches a new £19.99 0.5Mbps service

Demon has just added another product to its range, Demon Home 500. This is a 0.5Mbps service with no download restrictions that costs £19.99 (inc VAT) per month. It gets better, since there is no set-up fee, and a free USB ADSL modem is supplied.

Demons previous cheapest ADSL product was Express Total at £24.99 per month, the £5 reduction in price for the new product, appears to be aimed at increasing the demand for their products. Additionally it makes something of a mockery of some of the 'capped' services that other providers sell in the sub £20 bracket. The main difference compared to Express Total is that the eFax service is not bundled with the connection, and it is a dynamic IP address account, though it does still include the spam filtering on the email account.


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