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BT Wholesale making moving and PSTN/ADSL provisioning simpler

BT Wholesale has been running trials to make life easier for people with ADSL who are moving, and for people wanting to order ADSL and a phone line (PSTN service) at the same time. From 27th September 2004, in theory ISPs have been able to order these via the electronic order systems.

A 'broadband mover' as BT Wholesale calls them, is someone who has an existing ADSL and PSTN service at the current address and wants both services provided at their new address (this requires that a BT Retail PSTN connection is already at the destination address). A combined ADSL/PSTN provision is for when people want an ADSL service and phone service delivered on the same day, to either a new or existing building.

The ISPs do not actually order the PSTN services, the end-user still needs to do this. So the end-user must still order via BT Retail on 150, for either a 'broadband mover' or 'simultaneous ADSL/PSTN' provision. In return BT Retail should provide people with a unique number that can then be given to the ADSL ISP which is used to link the ADSL order with the BT Retail order at a later point. It is possible to call the ISP first, and get a unique reference number from them and pass this onto BT Retail.

As with all of these systems that are ultimately meant to make life simpler, for the first few weeks, everything is very murky. Over time things will become clearer, so be prepared for ISPs who are not handling these options yet, or for BT 150 staff to not be aware of the process.


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